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Don’t laugh, but I think I might be a hippie.  My definition of “hippie” is a person who opposes and rejects many of the conventional standards and customs of society.  For example, the products and food in my house contain the words “organic” and “natural”.  I am having a baby at a maternity center, not a hospital, and I don’t intend to use any drugs.  And, oh my gosh, I am using a cloth diaper service!  Just wrap me up and call me crunchy.  I just might be a hippie!

Some of those things might be counter conventional, but I was not prepared for hippie hooters.  I just assumed that every mom breastfed their baby for as long as they could.  In reality, it just ain’t so.  I have found that moms want to breastfeed but are only keeping it up for a few months.

Just a quick online search shows that, according to the CDC, among infants born in 2006: 73.9% were ever breastfeed; 43.4% were still breastfeeding at 6 months of age; 22.7% were breastfeeding at 1 year of age.  According to the CDC’s 2010 statistics, 3 out of every 4 new mothers in the United States breastfed from birth.  Rates of breastfeeding at 6 and 12 months, however, as well as rates of exclusive breastfeeding at 3 and 6 months have remained stagnant and low.

So, where did all the happy hooters go?  My mom did not breastfeed her first two children.  By the time I was born in 1979, she decided to try breastfeeding.  Although breastfeeding is gaining momentum, we still need lactation consultants and La Leche Leagues.  I understand it can be awkward and difficult, especially when at work or anywhere outside the house.  Honestly, I can’t think of a time where I saw a woman breastfeeding in public.

Well, these hippie hooters plan to breastfeed.  Who’s with me?


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

7 thoughts on “Hippie Hooters

  1. Well, I could hardly make it to 3 cm without drugs. I did not even know there was a birthing center around here! But, we do use cloth diapers, and I nursed both kids exclusively until 1 year. I think it’s great to go beyond a year too if you can. I think the worldwide average age of weaning is much higher, 2? 4 maybe? I think a lot of women have a hard time with work. Pumping can suck, quite literally, and it’s really hard for moms to pump enough on an ongoing basis and do the whole packing of all the milk and going to day care and working 8 hours on 3 hours sleep. I wish all moms could work at home or take a year off!

  2. You probably already have a nursing cover – there are some great company names – Udder Covers, Hooter Hiders. You will probably start to notice more nursing moms in public, now that you’re one of them. You will also notice the scornful faces of the unenlightened, and the supportive smiles. I would suggest using a nursing cover at home every once in a while so both you and Boaz are familiar with it before you venture out in public. Babies who are not used to a nursing cover can become distracted by it. I hope you have a good pump – Medela makes a great one. Start saving your milk – freeze lying down flat, then stack – so obvious, but I didn’t do that at first. Ben might walk by you and say, “Moooo.” It does give the sense of what it must feeling like to be a cow.

  3. I’m a little late commenting on this, but I have a Hooter Hider and it’s been the best thing ever. I still carry it in my bag every day in the case of an impromptu nursing session.
    I have a friend that will occassionally breastfeed without her cover (though she’s still discreet, it’s not like she’s walking around topless). One day, she did it at our gym– the YMCA, which is supposed to be a very family/kid friendly environment– and one of the female employees asked her to cover up because someone might get offended!!
    I saw a t-shirt once that said, “If breastfeeding offends you, put a blanket over YOUR head!” OR you can get one of these hats for Boaz:

  4. Oh, also, you mentioned pumping…. I always put it off, too. I just hate pumping. But by the time I finally get around to it, my babies won’t take a bottle. That means no babysitter, ever! Um… that’s my advice, or something. :0)

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