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The Smell of Spring

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Ah, Spring.  Bare, pale body parts making starling appearances against beautiful new blooms of color.  Itchy, red bug bites in inappropriate places that were displayed with misplaced confidence.  That lime green hue of pollen on newly washed cars, speckled with those bugs that bit the inappropriate places of paleness.  Cats sitting in flower pots like the Easter bunny.  (Please see picture below.)  We are so twitterpated, none of it matters.

(WARNING: I recommend you stop reading if you are eating or have a weak stomach.)

I do love spring.  I am down to my last weeks/days of pregnancy and this could not be a better time to have a baby.  Well, that’s my thought on the subject.  I was pretty active this weekend, all with the hope of encouraging some contractions.  That is, after I finished an unbelievable week of diarrhea.

I had some issues early in the week and thought it was all gone until Friday night when it all hit the fan.  My husband, dogs and cat were all concerned about the sounds, smells and things they did not want to see.  At one point (according to my husband), I made a noise from the bathroom that scarred the cat and caused her to fall off the couch.  I have never made or heard noises of that caliber and I spent a good deal of my college career in a boys’ dorm…with football players.  Not even from 5 younger Gilman siblings have any such noises been conceived.

By Saturday afternoon, I was much improved.  Today, my appetite has returned.  I do not know if I can say the same for my husband.  But again, how can anything bother you in the Spring.  All is forgotten with some tulips, newly mown lawn and the NCAA tournament.  Now we just need a baby to bloom.  Although, there is no forcing a Gilman.


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

One thought on “The Smell of Spring

  1. I could not stop laughing!!! Oh, the wonderful pre-natal experiences. It’s funny how that is supposedly a good sign that labor is near. If you happen to be extra gaseous now, that’s normal, too. 🙂

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