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What is the best baby vehicle?

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Odyssey? Hmm. Yukon? Ehh. Escalade? Eeek! What is happening to me?! How can a 10 pound baby be the cause of so much stuff? Stroller, pack n’ play, car seat. Since the dogs can’t go in the trunk, we need a bigger vehicle. I hate car-shopping. Well, I hate shopping in general. I have no patience for it. I end up making important decision based on frivolous things. I would buy a house because I liked the front door. I opted to take my husband old phone so I did not have to look for a new one. I also have his old computer. I can’t even tell all those big SUVs apart. I thought I was looking at an Infinity the other day and then discovered it was a Toyota. So, what is the best baby vehicle? What should I test drive? How can I get the best deal? And how do I outsmart the dealer? Is there an outfit I can wear that says, “I’m not going to pay alot for this vehicle.” I miss my Jeep already. Sigh.


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

One thought on “What is the best baby vehicle?

  1. This car is for Boaz. Do not let Ben’s ego get in the way. Ben would look good in a “SOCCER MOM” minivan. In fact I would drive to NC to see him driving it fully loaded. A big SUV is just a cop out and way to expensive. Think Caravan, Windstar, Toyota Mini Motor Home!

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