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The Car Debate Continues

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I appreciate all the suggestions for the best baby vehicle.  The debate continues.  Last weekend we drove the BMW X5, the Lexis RX 350, and Mercedes ML.  Yes, we set our sights pretty high.  We decided to get a little more practical and since we have two dogs, I thought of the Outback, of course.  We test drove the Subaru Outback during a lunch break.  I thought, “Whew, this is it!”  My husband waited until we were having lunch to confess that he hate it.  Something about it hurting his back.  More like the 4 cylinder engine hurt his ego.  Apparently, he is in love with the X5.

So far, this weekend we’ve driven the Honda Odyssey.  Sadly, I’m in love.  From the outside, they are quite ugly, but the inside is like home on wheels.  Maybe it reminds me of myself.  Since having my first baby, I have looked a bit…frumpy.  The Odyssey speaks to me and understands my frumpiness.  It says, “It’s okay.  We’ll be frumpy and have fun together.  You could have four more babies and there’s room for everyone!”  Maybe it’s just me.  I don’t think all those baby hormones have left my system yet.  Tomorrow we test out the Jeep.  A potential compromise?

Other updates: the cornstarch on the diaper rash is working well and smiles are starting to really mean smiles, as opposed to spit up.


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Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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