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July 4th!

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My challenge of making healthy, quick 10 minute meals is a little side-tracked until after the July 4th holiday.  We are traveling to my parent’s house at the beach.  I have been talking alot about my new challenges to anyone that will listen.  But not alot of doing.  I’ve been getting mixed looks.  I think most of the family is wondering why I would ask for all these challenges in the first place.  Isn’t my life pretty full right now considering the new baby?  That’s why I doing it.  For him!  Quick, healthy meals means a less stressed and happier mommy.  A healthy house means a happy, healthy baby.  I also enjoy feeling more in control of what we eat, as opposed to giving it all up to the supermarket or advertisements or big food companies.  Maybe I’m too optimistic.

I did insist on making sandwiches for the car instead of succumbing to fast food.  Cheap and healthy.  I received many groans for this brilliant idea.  Especially, when I got so hungry toward the end of the trip that I ate a McDonald’s chicken sandwich.  I chalk it up to breastfeeding and my insatiable hunger.  It did give the rest of the family an opportunity for ice cream, which in turn motivated them to forgive me for the car sandwiches.  Ah, well.  I wasn’t a very good role model and you need to know when to pick your battles.  Lucky for me, I’m WAY more stubborn.  Since I’m not in charge of cooking (although I’ll be sure to sneak in some healthy meals, like smoothies for everyone), I’m taking this opportunity to research.  I’m reading Ruth Yaron’s, Super Baby Food and Gretchen Rubin’s, The Happiness Project.  Both are very motivational books about accomplishing more in life than you think possible.  I highly recommend them.


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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  1. good job

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