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Tip for Quick, Health Meals: Buy In Season and Freeze!

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Is everyone already buying fruit in season (in bulk) and freezing it for later?  Maybe I’m behind the times.  It’s not that I didn’t know you could.  I just wasn’t doing it!  It’s one of those things that takes a little time and preparation, but pays off later.  However, I may eventually need another freezer.  Karen (my inspiration for eating healthy and saving money) has a separate freezer for extra storage.  She brought 80 pounds of blueberries from Michigan to her home in St. Louis, Missouri last year.  She finished the last of the berries just in time for this year’s summer trip.

Peaches are also in season in most areas of the country.  This weekend we stopped by a local farm and bought 4 large bags of peaches.  I’ve learned from Gretchen Rubin’s, The Happiness Project, that I hate to spend money and tend to undershop.  So, buying 4 bags of peaches versus one bag was very difficult for me.  But I did it.  We washed them, sliced them, and set them on cookie sheets in the freezer.  That way they didn’t turn to one huge frozen peach pop.  Once frozen, we bagged them and popped them back in the freezer.  We saved some for lunches, purees and desserts.  I really enjoyed knowing where the peaches came from, that nothing was added (sugar), and that we’ll have some whenever we want.  Very cool.


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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