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Karen’s Kale Challenge: Pancakes, Toast and Egg Salad

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How many ways can you use kale puree?  So far, we’ve tried kale pancakes, kale on toast, and egg salad kale.  The kale pancakes were a hit.  We’ll need to keep working on the spread and egg salad idea but it’s doable.  I ate it, but no one else was too excited to try.  We need to work on presentation.  For the pancakes, we used a basic pancake recipe and added about 6 or 7 heaping tablespoons of kale puree (made ahead of time and frozen for later use – see blog “Karen’s Challenge: Quick, Healthy Meals in 10 Minutes).  The pancakes had a hint of green, a light green freckled throughout, but the kale taste was barely noticeable.  Why ever have just plain pancakes again!  I can’t wait to try pumpkin pancakes.  Why not spinach or carrot or sweet potato pancakes?  We need a pancake challenge!  I’ll also need to master a clean eating pancake recipe.  Recommendations?  Did I mention Karen grinds her own flour?

I should take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due.  Liz, my sister-in-law, is the real master chief.  She is the nanny this summer and has accepted all my crazy, clean eating ideas in stride.  Thanks, Liz!


Author: Adrienne

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