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What is the best first baby food?

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I’m having a bit too much fun deciding my baby’s first food.  Ruth Yaron’s Super Baby Food book is an excellent resource.  I bought it used from Amazon for a couple of dollars.  It is comprehensive but a bit overwhelming.  My baby is almost 4 months (15 weeks) old.  I anticipate another month before introducing foods but I like being prepared.  Ruth recommends rice cereal if your baby is under 6 months or whole grain cereals if 6 months or older.  Additional sources of iron must also be considered.  Other first foods could also be banana, avocado or sweet potato.  It seems like most parents choose banana.  That was my husband’s suggestion.  But are bananas too sweet?  Ruth also recommended yogurt for babies who are at least 6 months old.  She makes her own yogurt!  For some reason, I’m leaning towards sweet potato.  Suggestions?



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