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Book Review: The Happiness Project

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I just finished reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  Anyone else read it?  I’m really interested to hear what other people think!

I liked it but there was something missing.  I’m glad I read it and I recommend it to everyone.  But…  I must admit that I skimmed that last three chapters.  By that point in the book, I understood her message and didn’t feel like I was reading anything new.

Gretchen is obviously Ms. Super-Smarty-Pants.  She clerked at the U.S. Supreme Court for gosh sakes.  She is clearly well-read and clearly way smarter than me.  I definitely felt intellectually inferior; however, I’m sure this was not her intention.  In fact, I think she tried very hard to sound causal about her very serious research project.  Anyone who links “happiness” with “project”, however, is not causal about anything.  In that way, I felt like we were kindred spirits.  Heck, I read her book about how to be happy.

The book has some really great ideas about doing what makes you happy.  You first need to figure out what makes you happy.  You then need a process to actually do it.  Gretchen used a resolution chart method.  She made several resolutions each month geared towards one overall goal, such as money, career, or attitude.  One goal for each month.  Each day she marked down whether she had, in fact, followed her resolutions.  Seems simple but I tried it for a few days and fell off the wagon pretty quickly.  The book was inspiring enough for me to keep trying her method and many of her suggestions about what made her happy.  Just read it.  You’ll enjoy it.

Gretchen also has a pretty cool blog (  Naturally.


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Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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