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Traveling Daddy

What do I do with my traveling husband/daddy?  Ever since we had our little boy 5 months ago, my husband has been traveling frequently for work.  I think he traveled three times in the first month alone.  He’s been gone 4 of 5 days this week.  This morning I told him I should be getting alimony.  This was only funny because he’s the love of my life and he knows it.  He knows all apparently.  He responds to every compliment with, “I know”.  Geez.  On the upside, our little guy has learned to Skype and really likes it.  He sort of likes everything though.  He just likes to giggle.  If I wasn’t a full-time, working momma this may be easier, but probably not.  Baby misses his Daddy!  🙂

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TV for Mommy

I came to the realization today that I had not watched TV since my baby was born 5 months ago.  Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?  I guess I wasn’t a huge TV fan before and I get upset whenever the TV is on for too long, but I’m sort of worried.  I’m concerned that I will become so out of touch with pop culture that I won’t be able to communicate appropriately with other people.  Next thing I know, I’ll be speaking baby-talk to my clients and co-workers!  Am I having the right amount of me time without TV?  Well, I did manage this blog post.  I’m sitting in the rocker listening to Daddy and Baby engage in a giggle session.  Who needs TV when you can listen to that?

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Social Media For Mommies

Having a social media meltdown?  I’ll be honest.  Social media is way over my head.  I think I’ve got Facebook and WordPress down.  As in, I have an account.  A HUGE accomplishment.  I just signed up for Twitter last week!  I have no idea what’s going on in the tweet world.   I have a LinkedIn account…wait, let me check…yep, it’s still there.  That’ll come in handy at some point, I swear.  Now there’s Pinterest.  What’s that?  Sounds like more work.  The worst part is that my husband does tech stuff for his job.  He…nevermind, I don’t know what he does.  Well, if you’re like me and have social media misgivings, you’ll probably like the article Facebook and LinkedIn and Tweets, Oh My! from Working  Or maybe you can join me in waiting for your kids to teach you social media.

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Swimming Lessons for Babies?

How do I get my little guy to LOVE the water?  We took him to the pool yesterday and he clung to me like a monkey.  He hid his face in my chest and peeked out at the kiddie pool fountain like it was a scary monster.  Although he was super cute, I want him to learn to be brave.  A healthy dose of caution is okay, but I want him to be safe and have fun.  Wow, I sound like the mom I never thought I’d become.


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5 Months Old

Happy Birthday Baby!  You’re 5 months old.  We love you SO much.  You love to droll and grab our cat (who doesn’t seem to mind).  You love being outside but you’ve just started fussing when we put you in the car seat.  I think you’d rather be moving around.  You love baths but you did NOT like the beach.  You love peek-a-boo and singing songs.  You love when we tickle your tummy.  Can’t wait to see what next month will bring!  Luv, Mom


Our little guy has learned to roll from front to back but is still working on back to front rolls.  He’s trying!  He actually prefers to practice sitting up or standing, although he has not mastered either.  He likes tummy time most of the time but is not interesting in crawling yet.  He seems to be at an in-between stage – very close to mastering several big moves but can’t decide which to work on first.  He is also working on mastering the 2-nap schedule.  He’s got the 2 p.m. nap down but the mornings are hit or miss.  I’m trying to find a consistent schedule but that means I need a consistent schedule.  That’s not my forte.  He can also sleep from 7am until 7:30 pm but we are working on eliminate all nighttime feedings.  Mommy is not ready to give that up yet!  In the next few weeks we will we tackle solid foods, starting with avocados!  Thank goodness for the Vitamix and my Super Baby Food book!

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What’s in Your Cupboard?

I have been slowly remaking our food pantry to include all healthy food.  It’s about 85% done.  I figure if we have healthy food, we will eat healthy food!  I’m also gearing up for when Baby starts eating solid foods.  I only have a couple of weeks before we start that exciting chapter of parenthood.  I’ve slowly been using up the junk food and replacing it with healthy foods.  I’ve stocked up on whole grains, legumes, seeds and sweeteners that I never knew existed.  I love seeing the containers of millet, teff, pearled barley and buckwheat groats lining my closet.  Or the colorful bags of split peas, kidney beans, lima beans and lentils.  Who can resist buying cute little chia, alfalfa, pumpkin, sunflower, flax or sesame seeds?  Who needs sugar when there is coconut, blackstrap molasses or raw honey?  I must admit that I have not been able to rid the house of chocolate or ice cream.  I think we all have our go-to comfort foods.

SO, I want to know: WHAT’S IN YOUR CUPBOARD?  What are those healthy foods that you love to buy and see lining your food pantry or refrigerator?  And what is your go-to comfort food you can’t do without?