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Precious Moments Notebook


My favorite new baby activity is a Precious Moments Notebook.  All I keep hearing from experienced moms is that it’s difficult to remember all their precious baby moments.  It’s almost impossible to remember when your baby took her first step or first bite of solid food unless you write it down.  So, I keep a yellow notepad lying around the house called “Precious Moments with Baby.”  I remember to write in it because it’s visible and convenient.  I can spent time later on putting the entires into a nice album.  Right now, I just want to capture the moments.  I image reading the precious moments to Baby when he’s older and laughing together about when he was a baby.  Below is an example of a precious moment entry.

Precious Moments with Baby 


Baby, at 4 months old you are so flexible!  Your favorite thing to do is put your feet in your mouth.  Daddy tried to do it too, but he could only reach 1 foot to his mouth.  You can get both feet in your mouth.  Very impressive!  

Love, Mommy  


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

2 thoughts on “Precious Moments Notebook

  1. That’s great! I always feel like I need to sit down and write a huge amount of information in one sitting, and I put it off because I don’t have the time. Little snippets here and there would be much easier to keep up with, and then I wouldn’t forget so much. Good job starting so early! You’ll be so happy you have it…

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