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5 Months Old

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Happy Birthday Baby!  You’re 5 months old.  We love you SO much.  You love to droll and grab our cat (who doesn’t seem to mind).  You love being outside but you’ve just started fussing when we put you in the car seat.  I think you’d rather be moving around.  You love baths but you did NOT like the beach.  You love peek-a-boo and singing songs.  You love when we tickle your tummy.  Can’t wait to see what next month will bring!  Luv, Mom


Our little guy has learned to roll from front to back but is still working on back to front rolls.  He’s trying!  He actually prefers to practice sitting up or standing, although he has not mastered either.  He likes tummy time most of the time but is not interesting in crawling yet.  He seems to be at an in-between stage – very close to mastering several big moves but can’t decide which to work on first.  He is also working on mastering the 2-nap schedule.  He’s got the 2 p.m. nap down but the mornings are hit or miss.  I’m trying to find a consistent schedule but that means I need a consistent schedule.  That’s not my forte.  He can also sleep from 7am until 7:30 pm but we are working on eliminate all nighttime feedings.  Mommy is not ready to give that up yet!  In the next few weeks we will we tackle solid foods, starting with avocados!  Thank goodness for the Vitamix and my Super Baby Food book!


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