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Eating Solid Foods Video

Baby Bear has been eating solid foods for about two weeks.  He’s tried avocado, sweet potato, and banana.  He also tried yogurt but that seemed to cause serious spit-ups.  I’m looking to expand his palate with maybe some pears or plums.  Any thoughts?  I also want to start him on some brown rice cereal, but have failed at making the right consistency.  I need to keep practicing.  (Love that Super Baby Foods book!)  Anyway, I thought this video clip of Baby Bear trying to eat was pretty cute, but maybe it’s just because I’m the mommy!  The new routine is eat, then bath, especially since he likes to feed himself. 

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6 Months Old!

B is 6 months old today!  He’s on the move!  Despite not officially crawling yet, he really gets around.  He wants to grab everything and he thinks Daddy is the funniest person on the planet!  I love to hear him sigh as he’s falling asleep.  I love his cooing noises, which will turn to words any day now.

I appreciate all the advice on plane trips!  The flight back home was such better.  No fussing!  He was better rested and decided giggle the entire time.  Go figure.  Can’t wait to try the sign language videos!

Video of laughing with Daddy:





Flying with Baby

Yesterday was my first flight alone with Baby!  We survived but we were both pretty tired, which in baby world means fussiness and crying.  Okay, it was down right screaming.  But only during the take-off and landing.  He slept soundly during the majority of the 2-hour flight.  The screaming fits were enough for him to become “that baby”.  You know, the one known by the entire plane for the amazingly loud screams that can only mean I’m a terrible mother or someone is torturing him.  Take your pick.  There is nothing worse than a crying, screaming baby, except for maybe a crying, screaming baby on a plane.  I tried breastfeeding, teething rings, singing, and bouncing.  The lady next to me recommend a cookie or juice, neither of which he yet eats.  If anyone has some other suggestions, I’m all ears.  We still have to get back home!


Granola Brownies

What do you do with over-cooked brownies?  Try Aunt Karen’s new recipe!  🙂  Yum!

Hi Adrienne, here is a good story.  I made a batch of brownie, except I accidentally over-cooked them.  They were definitely dried out! 😦 , but instead of pitching them, I crumbled them up in a bowl and added 8 oz of date paste and oatmeal, some flax-seed, wheat germ and 1/3 cup unsweetened apple sauce.  I mixed them all up and smashed them onto a baking mat and froze them for 1/2 hour.  Then I could cut them easily into bars and dehydrated them for 5 hours!  They worked !  Energy bars!  or GRANOLA BROWNIES! 🙂

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No Salt Challenge Update

I did pretty bad with my no salt challenge over the weekend but redeemed myself so far this week.  The weekend started off with chinese food and tater tots.  Jeez.  I decided to start with a clean slate on Monday.  I successfully ate chicken and avocado without adding any salt, both of which I would normally sprinkle with salt before consuming.  I have also avoided fast food.  I’m traveling next weekend, so that will be a REAL challenge.  Besides not eating salt, I’m attempting to travel on a plane with a 6 month old.  I’m insane.

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First Solid Food – Avocado

Baby bear tried solid food this weekend!  We went with avocado since we only had to mash it up.  I added breast milk to make it smooth and liquid.  It still took me about 30 minutes to make since I kept trying to make it smoother.  He seemed very interested and did a good open mouth but it’s hard to know how much actually went into his stomach as opposed to his bib.  The second day was easier so I’m sure he’ll get in the groove by the end of the week.  Next food, sweet potato!  I already made a batch so I’m all set.  I made a really BIG batch.  Like way too big.  😮  Oh, well!  I should mention that we went and bought a high chair after these photos were taken!

This week will be interesting since Daddy is traveling.  Working mom on the first week of solid foods for baby.  Wish me luck!

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The NO SALT Challenge!

I’m making this a NO SALT weekend!  I ordered a bag of chips with my sandwich at lunch today and have regretted ever since.  I hadn’t eaten chips in a long time, what with all the healthy homemade food we’re eating.  I guess my body started detoxing from salt because that bag of chips felt like I was guzzling a salt shaker.  I felt like I went to the beach and raked my tongue down the shoreline.  I’m thirsty just thinking about it!  That got me thinking that I was craving salt and that I’m actually addicted to it!  The best way to test a possible addiction is go cold turkey.  So, NO SALT this weekend!  Let’s see if I’m really addicted.

According to the CDC, the average American consumes 3,436 mg of sodium per day.