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Flying with Baby


Yesterday was my first flight alone with Baby!  We survived but we were both pretty tired, which in baby world means fussiness and crying.  Okay, it was down right screaming.  But only during the take-off and landing.  He slept soundly during the majority of the 2-hour flight.  The screaming fits were enough for him to become “that baby”.  You know, the one known by the entire plane for the amazingly loud screams that can only mean I’m a terrible mother or someone is torturing him.  Take your pick.  There is nothing worse than a crying, screaming baby, except for maybe a crying, screaming baby on a plane.  I tried breastfeeding, teething rings, singing, and bouncing.  The lady next to me recommend a cookie or juice, neither of which he yet eats.  If anyone has some other suggestions, I’m all ears.  We still have to get back home!


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

3 thoughts on “Flying with Baby

  1. My boys needed to be sucking on something just prior to take-off and landing – breast, pacifier.
    I found that the first year was the best age to fly and then it was a bit more challenging until about 30 months. But I guess part of what made that time frame difficult was being pregnant and then having an infant and a toddler. My last solo flight was a one hour leg, layover, four hour leg with a two and four year old and five months pregnant. I did the same trip solo with an 18 month old and pregnant and it was more difficult.
    I hope your flight back is more peaceful!

  2. It’s about time he expressed himself. This is my revenge for all those flight I’ve been on with screaming babies kicking the back of my chair.

    – Ben Gilman

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