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Eating Solid Foods Video

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Baby Bear has been eating solid foods for about two weeks.  He’s tried avocado, sweet potato, and banana.  He also tried yogurt but that seemed to cause serious spit-ups.  I’m looking to expand his palate with maybe some pears or plums.  Any thoughts?  I also want to start him on some brown rice cereal, but have failed at making the right consistency.  I need to keep practicing.  (Love that Super Baby Foods book!)  Anyway, I thought this video clip of Baby Bear trying to eat was pretty cute, but maybe it’s just because I’m the mommy!  The new routine is eat, then bath, especially since he likes to feed himself. 


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

One thought on “Eating Solid Foods Video

  1. I stuck with vegetables for a while. I figured it would be easier to introduce a juicy sweet pear after green beans. Give those green beans a fighting chance! I did add herbs and spices to vegetables.
    With my second child I ate my words about using frozen vegetables. My boys, who were in the 3-4yr and 1-2yr ranges, loved what we called Green Sauce – primarily green beans, then peas, and some corn cooked in microwave – yes, ate my words again – and then puréed. My oldest would eat about a cup of this purée at dinner. He would eat just about any vegetable if it were puréed, but put it on his plate whole and he wouldn’t touch it!
    I look forward to watching the video when everyone is awake.

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