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Homemade Vitamin Water

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Do you save your cooking water?  Any time you boil or steam veggies or fruit, why not save the excess water?  We know that the most healthy option would be to eat veggies and fruit raw and straight from the vine or tree but that’s not always possible.  If you’re going to cook those veggies or fruit, why not use the water which contains all the cooked off vitamins and nutrients.  You can use that water for cooking rice or pasta.  You can put the water in your smoothie or protein shake.  You can put it in the frige to use later or you can put it in a water bottle to drink.  No need to spend money on store-bought vitamin water!  Veggie or fruit infused water is pretty trendy anyway.  I tried some squash water the other day and it was great!  I’m sure you can think of even more ways to use your cooking water!  🙂


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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