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Baby Raspberries

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Baby bear likes blowing raspberries!  It’s his new thing.  Check out the YouTube video link below.  He just started getting really into it over the last few days.  We wonder if he learned it from daycare.  As you can see, he’s very squirmy!  I really struggle to give him a bath and sometimes changing him takes four hands!  He has not mastered the crawl yet.  Thank goodness.  He prefers to practice standing.  I’m not prepared for him to skip crawling!  I also keep trying to get him to eat solids.  He’ll eat about 20% of the time.  I can’t figure out why he won’t eat sometimes (most of the time :).  Oh, well.  I’ll keep trying!


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

One thought on “Baby Raspberries

  1. Just watched the video. He’s too cute!
    Like you said, you just keep trying with the solid food feedings. Butternut squash has been a hit with my boys.

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