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My heart goes out to moms having a tough, long winter.  I’m right there with you!  It seems like there has been one bug after another.  As soon we get better, something else hits.  We even had the dreaded flu.  It wasn’t pretty.  I’ve been sick more often than my one year old!  He’s handling his first winter better than I am but that may have to do with leaving my job to start my own law practice.  I feel less stress but it’s still a big change.  I don’t usually handle change very well.  The weather hasn’t made life any easier.  It seems like most of the country has dealt with blizzards a good bit.  Here in the Southeast we had alot of rainy, cold weather.  So say with me: COME ON SPRING!  If you are like me – mad at the weather and stomping around the house trying to single-handedly bring about spring as fast as possible, you may want to try some of these ideas.  Buy some flowers for inside the house.  Get your spring tools and yard as ready as much as you can.  (I had the lawn aerated but you may be snowed in.)  Try a new “homemade project.”  I recently tried making my own sprouts, which is very easy and fun for kids.  I’m also going to try baking some homemade bread.  Start spring cleaning.  (I LOVE cleaning out closets and getting rid of old clothes.)  Plan next year’s spring vacation.  Those are my tricks for beating cabin fever.  I’m sure there are others.  Let me know what you think and hang in there!


Clean out one or two glass jars.  Fill jars with about 1 inch seeds.  I like alfalfa or chia seeds.  Rinse the seeds and allow them to soak over night while covered with a towel.  Place a covering over the top of the jar using a permeable material such as cheesecloth or nylon.  I used nylon footies.  Drain and rinse the seeds 3x a day until sprouting is complete.  You can leave them upside down and at an angle to allow for continuous draining.  Keep the jars covered with a towel.  I left my in our drying rack.  The seeds only take a couple of days to sprout.  Make sure not to use hot or warm water to rinse and keep an eye out of mold if the jars are kept in a warm area.  Sprout are very nutritious and great in salads or on sandwiches.  Making your own sprouts also save money!





Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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