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Our Baby/Toddler at One Year


Our little guy had his one year birthday last week.  So what does a one year old do?  Well, he started walking about 3 days after his birthday.  So, he is officially a toddler now.  He still falls over but he can get across the room unassisted.  He makes a beeline for any open door, which is awesome 😉  He is all about receptive language.  We ask him where things are and he points to them.  He isn’t saying specific words yet, although I think that he thinks he’s saying words and signing songs.  They just come out like “bababa” or “mamam”.  He yells “yeah” after I finish singing a song.  He loves shakers and putting things (like ping-pong balls) into boxes.  He is especially fond of animal pictures.  They make him giggle.  He can eat an entire grilled cheese or PB sandwich.  He loves yogurt and hot cereal with banana.  He wants to be outside ALL the time and he doesn’t seem to mind that it’s cold or rainy.  He has a delayed wave and hides in my arm when stranger say “hi” but he also smiles at them.  We are still breastfeeding, although often it’s for comfort or when he’s tired.  He sleeps 12 hours like clockwork but will wake up at least once in the early morning hours.  A little snuggling and he’s back to sleep, usually in our bed.  He LOVES to wrestle with Daddy and be tickled.  He likes bubbles and story time at the library.  He is not very possessive of toys yet.  If another toddler takes a toy he just goes to find another one.  He does make a sort of whine when he doesn’t get what he wants but he can also be redirected or distracted pretty easily.  He NEVER likes having his diaper changed.  NEVER.  I’m sure there is some trick to this that I haven’t yet learned.  I think it’s time to start giving him a plate and spoon to feed himself.  He likes picking up everything with his hands.  He only has 5 teeth – 3 on bottom and 2 on top – and the top 2 are still coming in.  That’s a little late but no big deal.  He stayed awake for 2 nights while teething with a running nose but no other problems.  I just held him when he fussed.  Can’t wait to take him to the zoo now that it’s warm!

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Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

4 thoughts on “Our Baby/Toddler at One Year

  1. WOW! That went by unbelievably fast. He’s adorable! Happy Birthday, Boaz!

    • Thank! Something about the one year mark made me starting feeling like I could have another one. Not that I will – but that I COULD handle it. I wasn’t even thinking about it until now. I guess my body recovered. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday Baoz! I’m so envious that he sleeps through 12 hours straight! Aly is really fond of animals as well and for this reason she loved the zoo. I’m sure Baoz will love the zoo as well.

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