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Greens Puree Pasta & Chia Seasoned Sweet Potatoes

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I made a few interesting meals this week that I thought I’d share.  I’m always looking for new ways to serve healthy food.  Quick and easy is very better.  Since my little guy is 13 months, I try to find foods that he can pick up and aren’t even close to resembling a choking hazard.  I have enough things to think about.  A one pot meal I made this week was a tortellini dish with pureed greens as the sauce.  I boiled 1/2 a bag of tortellini.  To the cooked pasta I added 3 cubes of frozen pureed greens (kale and broccoli mix – but you can use any greens), a cup of peas, a cup of corn and about 3 tablespoons of pine nuts.  I cut of the cooked pasta for Baby B but he probably would have been fine chewing on his own.  I, of course, always watch him when he eats.  I found the pine nuts soft and easy to eat but every baby is different so you may want consider leaving those out.  Also, you want to monitor possible allergic reactions when nuts are involved.  (Only do what you feel comfortable with).  I seasoned the dish with garlic salt and olive oil but most any seasoning will work.  And you can decide not to season it at all.  My little guy loved it!  I appreciate a one pot meal that we can both eat and is great as a leftover meal.  This meal was especially appealing because of the “hidden” greens in place of a sauce.

Green Puree Pasta

Green Puree Pasta

Green Puree Pasta

Green Puree Pasta










In addition to the hidden greens pasta dish, I also found a new way to hide some chia seeds in a side dish this week.  Just to back up a moment for some further explanation.  I try to follow most of the healthy baby food ideas from Super Baby Food Book.  In this book the author, Yaron, highly recommended trying to eat seeds ever day.  I always find this challenging.  So I usually pick a seeds in the morning – chia, alfalfa, sesame, flax, pumpkin, etc. – and grind it up in my coffee grinder.  I don’t actually drink coffee I just use the grinder.  Sometimes I add brewer’s yeast or some legumes into the grinder.  I put the grinds in a cup and leave it sitting by the stove during the day as a reminder to sprinkling it into different things, like smoothies, hot cereal, rice, etc.  This week I sprinkled ground chia seeds over my diced, baked sweet potatoes.  I also added some basil and a little salt and pepper.  Both my husband and 13 month old loved it!  They were none the wiser about the hidden, healthy addition – ground chia seeds!

Chia Seasoned Sweet Potatoes

Chia Seasoned Sweet Potatoes


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