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PB Crackers

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Who needs Lance or Ritz when you have Mom?  Mom stuff is almost always better anyway.  I’m pretty proud of my PB crackers idea although I would not be surprised if I stole it inadvertently for another brilliant mom.  I would also not be surprise if you have already tried this 🙂  This week I made a new toddler snack – PB crackers – and it was one of those rare moments when I felt like a truly wise and creative mom.  I felt on top of the world!  Then my dog ate the poopy diaper I left in the bathroom and brought me back down to earth.  Ah yes, that’s more like it – chaotic, crazy, messy mom 🙂  So, my PB crackers are basically a homemade nut butter with tahini (which is a “complete protein” according to Super Baby Food book) and a little maple syrup mixed together and smeared between two crackers.  Let them sit in the freezer or frig until they harden and stick together.  In the end you have a great snack for toddlers.  Other options: graham crackers, honey or Nutella.  Any other ideas?  Stick a bag of them in the frig for the week and grab on the go.  It’s good to acknowledge the little successes in life.  And this was one of mine.  🙂


PB Crackers

IMG_0541 IMG_0543



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