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Main Street Children’s Museum in Rock Hill, South Carolina

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Baby B and I enjoyed visiting the children’s museum in Rock Hill.  We went last week when it was rainy and we couldn’t go outside.  Rock Hill is about 35 minutes south of Charlotte along highway 77.  The museum is right in the downtown area so there is plenty of parking.  The museum there is smaller than Discovery Kids in Huntersville, North Carolina but there is still lots to do.  Their website has a good picture ( and I have provided some below.  Baby B really enjoyed the play-kitchen.  He’s 14 months but I think there was more stuff geared towards older kids.  He’s just getting to the age where he wants to sit in a small chair and maybe sit along enough even to eat!  We are practicing using a kid fork.  Baby B also like the kid-size broom and the wooden train.  There’s a wooden train at the Barnes & Noble in Birkdale Village, so he was used to that toy.  The museum also included a tree house, a ship, dress-up clothes, and fun pulley.  In the end, I have to admit that Baby B probably most liked the kid-size toilet although her refused to sit on it.  He just liked flushing it!

IMG_0621 IMG_0624 IMG_0628 IMG_0631 IMG_0637 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0644


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