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Why We ‘Montessori’

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I have always been passionate about all things ‘learning’. As a child I spent more time playing teacher than most and many of my fondest memories are those laced with a moment I realised that I helped someone to learn something new. So it was only natural that as a mama, I want to be involved in their learning. It was pretty clear to me, even as I merely dipped my toes into the many facets of the education system, that mainstream education simply wasn’t something I wanted for my children. This isn’t in some elitist, pompous way, but simply that my experiences and values make me feel differently. I was consequently drawn to finding out more about different methods of education.

The best thing about getting involved in this learning curve pretty early, was that I got to make hiccups along the way and find what fits fairly early…

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Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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