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Trip to Charleston, SC

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My husband was able to take off this past holiday week and we traveled to the beach!  First we visited family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Then we spent a few days in Charleston, South Carolina, including the 4th of July.  Then we returned back to Myrtle Beach for more beach time before heading home.  We are all burned, bitten and bumpy so we’re ready to rest and recover indoors this week.  I didn’t think my son’s hair could get more blonde but now it’s practically white.  He looks like a beach bum or surfer dude.  Very cute, of course.  Prior to our trip and also during the trip I took the opportunity to teach Baby B about seashells and other beach things.  We talked about the texture, colors and sizes of shells.  We practiced transferring shells from one dish to another in Montessori style.  At the beach, we put sand and water in his bucket and practiced filling his watering can with seawater.

There were plenty of learning opportunities in Charleston too.  We visited the aquarium, Fort Sumter, and the USS Yorktown (aircraft carrier).  All great activities during the 4th of July!  The Charleston aquarium and Fort Sumter were both a bit small but still interesting.  I enjoyed the boat ride out to Fort Sumter.  The entire tour took about 2 hours.  The USS Yorktown, along with the destroyer and submarine docked next to it, were very interesting for my husband and 15 month old boy.  Something about boys and anything dealing with transportation!  It was, however, very hot on the carrier.  It was not easy maneuvering the stroller around the decks but it was manageable.  There was too many stairs not to use the stroller.  I recommend the USS Yorktown tour in the spring or fall to anyone planning on going in the future.  Downtown Charleston is super cute.  There are historic house tours, art shops and interesting restaurants.  Here are some pictures of Charleston and I’ll post more tomorrow.  Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

Biking in Myrtle Beach


Mom and Baby Charleston, SC Charleston, SC Charleston, SC Charleston, SC


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  1. That is a pretty neat bike seat for Boaz. I have not seen anything like it.

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