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Teaching Kids about Music


Our music teach was interviewed by our local newspaper discussing “The Art of Teaching Kids to Play Music“.  Several music professionals were interviewed and gave their take on when to start music lessons and how to get kids interested in music.  Our teacher, Phyllis Fulton, is the co-owner of Music Together.  How important is music in your home?  Is it a priority that your kids are involved in musical activities such as singing or a practicing an instrument?  I don’t know why but I have always thought that there wasn’t enough time to do both sports and music.  I always picked sports.  It didn’t seem like there were many kids that could do both and do them well.  I played the piano when I was young.  I remember that I really enjoyed it.  Yes, I didn’t want to practice like most kids but that seems normal now.  Once I got into sports – you name it and I played it – it just didn’t seem possible to keep up with practicing an instrument.  Was I wrong?  As I entered the working world I traded basketball and tennis for running and triathlon.  I also play golf when I find the time.  Music is not a big part of my life.  If I had a choice I actually prefer quiet over the radio or itunes.  And I don’t go around the house singing.  Actually I’m pretty out of tune when I sing.  So when I had a baby I decided I needed a little help exposing him to music.  I signed up for baby/toddler music classes.  I’m pleasant surprised by the results and positive effect on our family.  Not that I was expecting any negative effects.  I just wasn’t really expecting anything.  Also, I should say that I had to drag my butt to class.  I mentioned that I can’t sign, right?  But it was also the idea of being musical, which seemed very unsporty to me and maybe even down right sissy.  Well, as always seems to be the case, my child proved me wrong.  Music class provided him an opportunity to work on movement (he went from crawling to walking and now even dances), language (he signs his favorite songs) and socialization (he’s learning to meet other kids and be vocal).  What’s most amazing is watching him take everything in during class – the music, people, moves – and then demonstrate what he’s learned later on.  For example, after a few music classes we noticed that he waved his hands in the air and started dancing when we turned on music.  And when I play music class songs in the car I can almost always get him to calm down when he’s fussy.  Not only that but my husband found his musical side and bought a guitar!  He and Baby B love to play and now Baby B points out guitars whenever we see one or a picture of one.  I’m not saying that I’ve switched from music to sports.  Maybe there’s time for both.  At least now I see more value in bringing music into our home.  Not quite the Von Trapp family but close!  I’m not going to worry about whether he should play an instrument or when to start lessons.  I think we’ll just take it one year at a time.  I’m glad to hear our music teacher, Phyllis, agrees not to rush it.  Just have fun!  What do you think?  Is music a priority in your home?  Are your kids playing instruments or planning on playing an instrument?  Singing any one?

Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

6 thoughts on “Teaching Kids about Music

  1. Very nice blog. I think that instead of focusing on one instrument a general exposure to all types of music as he grows would be a good idea. Of course this would be after, or maybe during, sports.

    • Thanks! I agree! I like the idea of trying out new things (like instruments) and seeing what he likes. The article was interesting because I hadn’t thought about the differences in instruments and how some might be more difficult to learn and therefore should be introduced when they are old. String instruments, for example, require better coordination and motor skills than the piano. Makes sense.

  2. I don’t think we will be singing. My son finds it amusing when I sing because I’m so off key. But we will probably do some music since both my husband and I played.

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