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I would like to introduce you to some wonderful doulas supporting the Triad area in North Carolina  They have a wonderful website with excellent birth resources.  In addition to doula services, they also provide Bradley Method instruction.  They also rent Birth Pools for water births!  How cool!  These doulas, Sarah, Christina, and Carrie, are partners and support each other in their practice.  If you are thinking about using a doula or wonder about the benefits of hiring a doula, I think their page on “Why Hire a Doula?” provides great explanation!  Every woman deserves a doula!  I did not have a doula during my baby’s birth and that is about the only thing I would do differently next time around.  I was so inspired by my natural birth that I started learning more about birth and then trained to work as a professional doula.  I had the same instructor and training through toLabor as these women.  The toLabor website also has great resources about birth options and the benefits of a doula.  If you live in a different area of the country, there is likely a toLabor doula near you.  You can find the toLabor doula list on their webpage.  Need a baby shower gift?  Give her a doula!  




Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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