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WSJ: Take Back Your Pregnancy

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A mother and economist wrote this interested piece in the Wall Street Journal last Friday: Take Back Your Pregnancy.  I agree generally with her conclusion.  She wrote:

“This approach to pregnancy—getting the best information and making my own decisions with it—worked for me. And I’m happy to report that my daughter Penelope, now 2, is healthy and thriving.  I’m hardly alone. Pregnant women are clamoring for better information about everything from exercise to hair dye to bed rest and delivery. They don’t want categorical limits based on fuzzy science and half-baked research. They want to assess risks for themselves and make their own best decisions.”

I agree with her approach but I would focus on different issues.  Instead of coffee and alcohol consumption during pregnancy, why not address “necessary” medical interventions?  What about the rising percentage of c-sections nationally?  According to the CDC, the percentage of c-sections for 2011 was 32.8%.  The WHO states that the normal healthy range for an industrial country is 10-15%.  What about the sharp decline in exclusive breastfeeding after 6 months noted in the CDC”s 2013 breastfeeding report card?  The CDC recommends at least 12 months of breastfeeding.  These are the issues I care about and I would like to see Ms. Oster apply her approach to these as well.  I agree, however, that women are “clamoring for better information.”  How can we have the best births possible?


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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