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Birth Center Closing


There is an important issue unfolding in South Carolina that affects all women and in turn their supporting partners/spouses and babies/children.  That means everyone.  Can women have more options for birth than just an obstetrician in a hospital setting?  Besides having a home birth, birth centers provide another option along with midwives.  A Birth Center in South Carolina that serves the Charlotte area, Carolina Community Maternity Center, has been shut down pending investigation.  This Birth Center not only provided a birth alternative but also served as a community resource for expecting mothers.  The Birth Center provided birth classes, breastfeeding classes and a library full of birth books and videos.  Please check out the Charlotte Observer‘s article entitled S.C. Birth Center’s License Suspended for the details that have been reported so far.  Maintaining birth options for women and families as well as birth resources is an important issue for everyone because birth rights are really human rights.  Please consider looking into this and following this issue.  If you are interested in supporting CCMC, you can find more information at  CCMC also has a facebook page.


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

2 thoughts on “Birth Center Closing

  1. Well I’d be very interested in knowing the specifics! Surely they aren’t being suspended because a woman or baby had a complcation during the birth (or even a death)?! Think what would happen if a hospital shut down for the same reason!!
    While I *do* support natural, hospital births , I also appreciate birthing centers and would hate to think that women are having to do home births (if they aren’t wanting to) while they wait for the b/c to re-open. 😦

  2. Thanks, Valerie. Yes, exactly! Even if you want/prefer to use a hospital, birth centers are still great resources for the community. You should be able to have a safe, harmonious and natural birth wherever you choose. I don’t know any more details than what has been published and posted online. There is another more recent article, although it seems biased to me –

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