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Low-Income Moms Need Doulas

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Another mom recently shared this article and I would like to pass it on – “The Amazing People Who Are Changing How Low Income Give Birth.”  The c-section rate for Caucasian women has held steady recently while the rate for black and hispanic women has increased.  Here are two recent articles on c-section statistics: C-Section Rates Steady for First Time in Decades and C-Section Rate Still High But Steady.  Compare them to research but out by the CDC –  Scroll all the way down to Figure 5 in the study which shows a graph comparing c-section rates among women.  To me this shows that every woman needs a doula because such services and support are proven to decrease the need for c-sections! –

A doula will remind you that…









Nelson Mandela


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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