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Toddler Activities: Numbers, Vowels, Big and Small!

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Here are some toddler activities we have on our Montessori shelf this week!  B is 21 months old and is working on numbers, vowels, and the concept of big verse small.  He does not seem to yet get the idea of counting but it’s a long-term process. I’ve seen that slow introduction of ideas works well for him.  It took several introductions of sorting before he started doing those activities on his own.  I use a very gentle, no-pressure approach.  (Otherwise, I get frustrated too!)

B loves the organization of a Montessori shelf.  He knows to get one thing out at a time.  It’s fun to see what activities he picks first when I put out new trays.  Here are two activities with numbers.  I found wooden pieces at the craft store and wrote numbers on them.  He plays with them or we count things (stickers, cars, etc) and put the number next to the items.  I also made some number cups.  B can sort and count the buttons inside each cup.  We do this together and he needs lots of help but it’s VERY fun.  He loves the feel and colors of the buttons.




B is learning his vowels.  He can make the vowels sounds.  He REALLY enjoyed putting the vowel wood chips on the mat.


Next is a practice life activity – folding napkins.


Next is an activity were we sort big and small animals!


And finally here is a video of the shelf work on YouTube!

ENJOY!  And please share your favorite activities!


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