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At Home Montessori Toddler Activities


Here are some toddler activities that we have enjoyed recently!  My little guy is 22 months but there is a wide range of ages that would enjoy these activities.  What are your favorite toddler activities?

In this activity, B is matching colored chip clips with the same color cups.  He can pinch them onto the side of the cup or just place them inside.  This pincer exercise is a little easier than regular wooden clothespins and the color are interesting.  I found these chip clips in the grocery store and the cups are from Ikea.









Here is another pincer activity with chip clips.  If the toddler is just learning this type of work, he or she can pull the clip off and place them in the cup.  Ounce they have mastered pulling off the clips, they can work on putting them on the side of the cup or basket.










Here are two color sorting activities.  Since B is getting efficient at this activity, I added lids to the work.  The orange, yellow and green canister lids that I picked up at Michael’s are challenging but manageable to get off.  The second color sorting activity is a little more challenging because the bugs have some different shades and patches of other colors.  Also, bugs are just fun!

IMG_2123 IMG_2122







Here are two practical life skill activities for your toddlers.  The first is placing stirring straws in two different shakers.  The second is a tea set.  B has really enjoyed the tea set recently.  He transfers water between the dishes.  He spills it all over the place but we clean it up together with a dish towel.














We have recently enjoyed simple memory games.  Here I put the red bear under a cup and let B find it among some other cups.  B thought this was pretty funny!  Silly bear.  It’s like advanced side and seek.









Finally, here are some fun pictures from around our work/play room and house.  B loves transportation so we count vehicles.  He also loves it when I put up new pictures that I have cut out from magazines.  He’ll point to pictures and we talk about them.  I also bought some sunflowers.  Just thought they looked pretty!  Come on spring!

IMG_2121 IMG_2120 IMG_2119

Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

3 thoughts on “At Home Montessori Toddler Activities

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing these. I was wondering, how long does your little person usually play with the different activities?

    • Some of my activities flop and he’s not very interested. Others projects really get his attention. I can never guess which ones! I think his attention span for these types of activity/work is about 5-20 minutes. If he’s not interested, I don’t worry about it. I just change it and try something new. I do many of the activities with him too and that helps.

      • Thanks for the reply. It is hard to tell what they’re going to be into! I think the only thing Pixie will do for any serious length of time is tipping water or rice. She likes sorting but generally wanders off. Too much to do!

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