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We had an awesome snowstorm the last two days considering we are in blue sky North Carolina.  What do you do on snow days to keep your toddler busy?  I rotate toys about twice a day and put out new activities anytime he’s not looking.  And, of course, play in the snow!  We had a long conversation about why the snowman couldn’t come in doors for a snack.  We made some bread pudding and organized kitchen cupboards.  B was completely engrossed in a food processor box!  He loved seeing all the things hidden away and investigating how they worked.  He was also completely fascinated with making bread pudding.  He stirred the custard mixture and put bread in the bowl.  One for him, one for the bowl.  Then he helped clean up.  He enjoys wiping up the counter and doing dishes.  Who needs movies!  This stuff took all day!  Nothing against movies.  We watched one last night with big bowls of popcorn!  We also did our usually books, potty time, and various other Montessori-style activities (which I’ll put in my next post).  For now, signing off from NC’s winter wonderland!

P.S. I’m pretty proud of my snowman!  B supervised and the dogs tried to eat the nose!  With all that being said, it turned out okay.

IMG_2142 IMG_2137 IMG_2143 IMG_2145 IMG_2146 IMG_2148 IMG_2150 IMG_2154 IMG_2151 IMG_2155

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