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Field Trip to the Nature Center

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Ready to explore nature this spring!  Last week, B and I took a field trip to the Charlotte Nature Center near Freedom Park.  B is turning 2 this week and the Nature Center was a perfect outing for him.  It was not too big and overwhelming but there was also plenty of activities.  B liked the butterfly room, the giant insect head and the indoor slide.  The outside play area was very cool.  There were wheelbarrows, logs, tents, instruments, fountains, and sand.  Everything a child could want.  There were imagination, creative, and construction activities covering a wide range of ages and learning styles.  There were also plenty of chairs for parents to sit on and relax.  Before heading out, we enjoyed a snack on the big, wooden deck behind the Nature Center, which is surrounded by large trees and the sounds of nature.  Can’t wait to go back soon!

What are your favorite ways to explore nature with your child(ren)?  Hikes?  Trails?  Biking?  It’s never to early to start!

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