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Toddler Activities (2 years old)

Need some new ideas to keep your toddler busy?  I don’t know about you but my mind goes blank when I’m trying to think of a new activity for my 2 year old.  That’s why I often check out what other moms are doing with their toddlers either through Instagram, Pinterest or Blogs.  You can also find some great ideas on YouTube.  You can search and find great ideas by using the keywords: Montessori, shelf work, activities.  Below are some of the activities my 2 year old (25 months) is enjoying this week.  What is your toddler’s favorite activity?  How has his or her interests changed over the last six months?

Here is a picture of our downstairs play/work room before I added this week’s activities.  I usually clear the room before I put out anything new, although I will rotate toys throughout the week.







Here are two sorting activities.  In the first one, B will sort the buttons from big to small.  B does not yet say “big” and “small” but he will open his arms wide and growl for “big” and put his fingers together for “small”.  Very cute.  In the second activity, B will match the buttons in the middle with the ones on the outside of the tray.  This also exercises his fine motor skills.


















Next are two practical life skills activities.  B will practice screwing the top on the empty juice bottle and putting different size pom poms inside.  We will again talk about big and small pom poms.  The second activity allows B to practice pushing a button through the pieces of felt.  Each felt piece has a slit cut in them.











Here is a counting activity and a language activity.  B will count the animals and find the corresponding number.  B can count from 1-10, so this will reinforce numbers he knows.  We also will work on numbers 11-20, which are new and require slow introduction.  The second activity lets B practice letters.  He knows all his letters so he will match the magnet letters with the letters in the words.  I never put out words without a picture or item demonstrating the word.  I don’t expect B to learn or read words yet.  This is more of matching game and sounding out the beginning letters of words.  We will say “fish” together and find the “f”.

IMG_2799 IMG_2797









Finally, here is a spring-themed sensorial board I created with things about the house.  I added a decorative bird house and sand in the bottom.  There are also shells and plastic bugs.  I also put in some cut herbs from our garden.  I provided a magnifying glass and rake.  B can move the bugs around and see the trail they leave in the sand.










Here is a picture of the shelf now full of activities.  As you can see, I always include some free play toys.  Although the room is full of activities, it is still neat and organized.  This allows for easy clean up and supports a toddler’s inherent interest in order and placement.  Enjoy!

IMG_2798 IMG_2806


Family Trip to Charleston, SC

Just when we thought Spring was REALLY here, Father Winter takes one last blow.  Before the unseasonably cold weather hit, we went on a quick day-trip to Charleston, South Carolina with my parents.  Although I didn’t get pictures, we went on a horse-drawn carriage ride.  Otherwise, we walked and ate good food!  I love visiting Charleston.  It’s a beautiful, historic city with lots of charm.  I can’t wait to go back!  What are you doing for your Spring Break?

IMG_2683 IMG_2708 IMG_2688 IMG_2689 IMG_2693 IMG_2698 IMG_2699 IMG_2701 IMG_2703 IMG_2710 IMG_2711 IMG_2714

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Process vs. Product

I learned from our Montessori teacher that up until about 4 or 5 years old, kids are focused more on the process verses the outcome or product of their work/activity.  Around the age of 4 or 5, kids switch and become more focused on the finished product.  I’m really glad that I learned this because my two-year old toddler’s actions and decisions make more sense.  I can tell he isn’t worried about finishing an activity.  In fact, I’ll often observe him taking down an activity from off our Montessori-inspired shelf, playing with it for a minute, and then putting it back on the shelf.  He’s working on mastering the process of shelf work, the routine of pulling a tray down and putting it back.

Below is a picture of B working on sorting color bears.  He never put more than a few bears into the cups.  He never put all the bears into all the cups thereby completing the activity.  Although he sorted them correctly, he was not worried about completing the activity.  He enjoyed taking all the bears out sorting a few and putting all the bears back.  Knowing that B is working on the process and isn’t worried about the product is powerful – and cool!  Not only am I more patient, but I’m also better at preparing an activity for B’s shelf.

Have you noticed a focus of the process or the product when your children work on a project or activity?











Here is another picture where B is working on an activity.  B is starting to work on lacing.  I only put out 6 beads.  I put out only three pipe cleaners and let him match the colored beads with the pipe cleaners.  In this way, he was color sorting, something he already did well, and lacing without knowing it.  Soon, I will add lace (string) and more beads.  Later, I will make patterns with the beads that he can match.

IMG_2654 IMG_2655









A few other cute pictures…

IMG_2667 IMG_2671

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Toddler Activity Ideas

Here are a few more activity ideas from our Montessori-inspired shelf.

The pictures show…

– An example of our shelf this week.

– An activity showing one-to-one correspondence.  The child places each bead into the ice-cube tray.  There are exactly enough beads to fill the tray.

– In the next activity the child places fake money into the slot cut out of the yogurt cup.  You can discuss value and math and the child practices fine motor skills.

– In the next activity the child places wooden beads onto pipe cleaners and matches the colors.

– I often put out objects along with words.  I prefer the actual object to pictures of the words.  B doesn’t read the words but we talk about the first letter sounds.

– The next is a puzzle practicing letter sounds.

– The last pictures shows a new toy Nana give B for his birthday.  B loves trucks and any activity where the child practices grip and twisting helps with early writing skills.

IMG_2646 IMG_2647 IMG_2648 IMG_2649 IMG_2650 IMG_2651 IMG_2652

Microsoft PowerPoint – Campus Beautification Day.pptx

Microsoft PowerPoint – Campus Beautification Day.pptx



Montessori Shelf Work for Toddlers

Here are some new toddler activities you can do at home.  As you can see, we use a Montessori-inspired method of learning by keeping activities and toys on a shelf.  I rotate out the activities depending on B’s interest level.  B has learned to take activities down and put them back when he’s done.  He only takes one activity at a time.  We do many of the activities together but B also plays independently.  When not playing with these activities he is usually following me around the house helping with the chores, cooking and cleaning (as shown in my last post).  At two years old, B can pretty much help with everything.  He does laundry, makes snacks and meals, feeds the dogs, cleans up messes, and washes dishes – all with supervision.  I hope you find some of these shelf activities interesting.  I put much thought into what activities are placed on the shelf.  I try to provide a variety of easy and challenging activities and ones that cover math, language, practical life skills (such as transferring), sensorial, art, music and creative play.  I would love to hear YOUR ideas as well!

Here is our shelf downstairs in the playroom (right) and upstairs in B’s room.

IMG_2630 IMG_2643 IMG_2641











These two activities/toys were found on Etsy and given to B for his birthday.  Check out: Aroswoodcrafts and Richardsonrarities.

IMG_2638 IMG_2637









The first picture below shows is a language activity.  I read the word and have B find and place the object next to the word.  The second picture is a sorting and counting activity with bears.  B loves feeling the bears.  He used to throw them but he’s gotten over that now.  The third picture is a practical life skill where B transfers the beads into the other bowl.  Always go from left to right.  The fourth picture shows a sorting activity where B puts all the spoon in one cup and forks in the other.  He likes real forks and spoons and it’s a challenge to keep the cup upright.  We are also working on the words “spoon”,” fork”, and “cup”.  The fifth picture shows some eco-friendly eggs that B can match and put together.  It’s too difficult to pull them apart but he can put them together.  The sixth and last picture shows a pinching activity with different sized clips.  B practices clipping the paper and exercises the finger muscles he will later use for writing.  Enjoy!



IMG_2635 IMG_2634 IMG_2632 IMG_2631