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Toddler Activities (2 years old)

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Need some new ideas to keep your toddler busy?  I don’t know about you but my mind goes blank when I’m trying to think of a new activity for my 2 year old.  That’s why I often check out what other moms are doing with their toddlers either through Instagram, Pinterest or Blogs.  You can also find some great ideas on YouTube.  You can search and find great ideas by using the keywords: Montessori, shelf work, activities.  Below are some of the activities my 2 year old (25 months) is enjoying this week.  What is your toddler’s favorite activity?  How has his or her interests changed over the last six months?

Here is a picture of our downstairs play/work room before I added this week’s activities.  I usually clear the room before I put out anything new, although I will rotate toys throughout the week.







Here are two sorting activities.  In the first one, B will sort the buttons from big to small.  B does not yet say “big” and “small” but he will open his arms wide and growl for “big” and put his fingers together for “small”.  Very cute.  In the second activity, B will match the buttons in the middle with the ones on the outside of the tray.  This also exercises his fine motor skills.


















Next are two practical life skills activities.  B will practice screwing the top on the empty juice bottle and putting different size pom poms inside.  We will again talk about big and small pom poms.  The second activity allows B to practice pushing a button through the pieces of felt.  Each felt piece has a slit cut in them.











Here is a counting activity and a language activity.  B will count the animals and find the corresponding number.  B can count from 1-10, so this will reinforce numbers he knows.  We also will work on numbers 11-20, which are new and require slow introduction.  The second activity lets B practice letters.  He knows all his letters so he will match the magnet letters with the letters in the words.  I never put out words without a picture or item demonstrating the word.  I don’t expect B to learn or read words yet.  This is more of matching game and sounding out the beginning letters of words.  We will say “fish” together and find the “f”.

IMG_2799 IMG_2797









Finally, here is a spring-themed sensorial board I created with things about the house.  I added a decorative bird house and sand in the bottom.  There are also shells and plastic bugs.  I also put in some cut herbs from our garden.  I provided a magnifying glass and rake.  B can move the bugs around and see the trail they leave in the sand.










Here is a picture of the shelf now full of activities.  As you can see, I always include some free play toys.  Although the room is full of activities, it is still neat and organized.  This allows for easy clean up and supports a toddler’s inherent interest in order and placement.  Enjoy!

IMG_2798 IMG_2806

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