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First Week in NY City

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I’ve been in NY city for 4 days and, of course, it’s been a whirlwind of adventure.  I’m proud to say that we have already set up a Montessori-type shelf system and it works great!  I could only bring one box of toys for B so I rotate toys and activities often.  I keep most of them up on a top shelf and use the bottom two shelves as the “working” shelves.  A few of the “must haves” were B’s Brio train set, a small bag of assorted race cars, a big and small airplane, and tinker toys.  We have a variety of other toys as well but do you see a theme?  Transportation!  Got to love boys.  I also brought two big containers of math and language activities and a container of art supplies.  All for our tiny apartment.  Most of our learning however on the go – exploring the city.  A backpack and umbrella stroller have been essential.  The pictures show: a long car ride, dropping our dogs off at a farm, entering the city by the George Washington bridge, getting around on subways and trains, settling in, and visiting the Museum of Natural History and Children’s Museum of Manhattan.  WHEW!


IMG_3357 IMG_3363 IMG_3365 IMG_3376 IMG_3383 IMG_3379 IMG_3384 IMG_3390 IMG_3405 IMG_3408 IMG_3413 IMG_3415 IMG_3439 IMG_3430 IMG_3431 IMG_3441 IMG_3444 IMG_3448

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