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What’s Your Major?

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If you were in  college today (assuming you are not) what would your major in?  Biology?  Philosophy?  English?  Art?  Computer Science?  Would you change your career path?  Try something new?  Do you have an interest you never imaged you’d have when you were 18?  What words of wisdom would you give your 18-year-old self?

Has parenthood sent you in a new trajectory?

This weekend I visited my brother-in-law.  He’s a freshman in college.  We watched his wet, cold football game.  A taste of fall.  Then we took a tour of the campus.  Tiny dorm rooms and large libraries (or computer labs).  We were pleasantly surprised by his focus on academic and mildly amused by his concern to find more social time (there did not seem to be enough).  He is majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Economics.  Ambitious.

Between rain drops my husband and I reminisced about our college days.  My husband declared he would like to go back and major in psychology.  I think what he really meant was that he would like to add that to his knowledge of computer science and business.  Still, he took me by surprise and got me thinking – What would I major in today?  I’m still thinking.  The only thing I can decide for sure is that I’m NOT as sure as I was when I was 18.

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Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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