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Easy Q-Tip Cleaning and Math Activity for Toddlers

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My rule for kid activities is always: quick and easy!


How many things can you do with q-tips?  It’s amazing.  My toddler enjoyed cleaning his toy cars with soapy water and q-tips.  These are very special cars to him and he meticulously cleaned and dried them.  For older children, you can let them polish silver pieces or shine shoes.  I remember I loved to shine my Dad’s shoes, even though I wasn’t very good at it.  He had NO idea that is a favorite Montessori activity.  For even littler children (under 2), you can give them clothes or sponges to practice cleaning.  We have also used toothbrushes in the past.

You can check out a video of this activity at my YouTube Channel, entitled Car Cleaning Activity.

IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_3966











Here is an EASY MATH activity for children, toddlers and pre-k.  I picked up this neat ice-cube tray and noticed B was fascinated by it.  He discovered how to make ice (nice mini science lesson) and then we used it for a math activity.  B is putting one rabbit cracker into each cube.  He counts and adds the crackers, practicing one-to-one correspondence.  One in his mouth and one in the tray!  Do we ever have a “normal” snack?  No way!

IMG_3974 IMG_3973 IMG_3971




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