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Made it to 40 Weeks…Now what?

I’m now 40 weeks and a few days along in my pregnancy.  As a doula and having already had one baby, I know my due date is a “guess date” at best.  Every baby is different, right?  BUT there is something about that magical date that changes everyone’s attitude (including mine).  All of sudden you are “late”.  However, about half of all moms (mainly first time moms) will delivery AFTER their due date.  So you should feel “normal” right?  Maybe not.  You may need to work even harder to have a relaxed and positive attitude.

What are some ways to make this time during pregnancy relaxing and fun?     

– Eliminate using words such as “waiting”, “wondering”, or “worrying”

– Repeat positive affirmation – post stickie notes around the house that say things like “Baby is safe and will come at the right time!” or “I love being pregnant!”

– How many date nights can you fit in before baby arrives?  Make it game!

– Get a massage – try a special pregnancy massage

– Walk and stretch – it may be the last thought on your mind but keep moving

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS?  What did you do or do you recommend to moms in those last few days of pregnancy?    




Ideas for Pre-k Homeschool Room

Here is a peek at our little pre-K, Montessori-inspired toddler room with new shelf-work ideas.  Below is link to a YouTube video showing you a view of the room.  B (31 months) was most interested in the sensorial tray that included small sea creatures and rocks laid out on blue felt (an ocean theme).  If possible, he’s become MORE interested in sensorial activities recently.

B will start back at his Montessori school on Monday and attend two days a week.  I’m interested to see how he transitions back into the classroom after being away for several months, especially considering his recent developments.  Within the last three months he has become more talkative, social and he’s now potty trained.  I hope that our “Montessori in the home” approach has the effect of supporting a smooth, productive transition and that the classroom will encourage further growth.  I always have mixed feelings about sending him off to school but I’m looking forward to a little “me” time.  I just never like being apart from him, if you know what I mean!  🙂








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Easy to Make Tree Bird Treats

Need a fun fall (really anytime) activity for all ages (my toddler thought it was fun)?  Try making these Tree Bird Treat with your kids!

1.) Collect some bread – maybe some that is drying out and old

2.) Pick a cookie cutter shape and cut a few shapes out of the bread

3.) Poke a hole in the top for the ribbon or string to hang on a tree

4.) Dip the shapes in egg white and then bird seed

5.) Press extra bird seed down on the bread (lots will fall off)

6.) Leave the seeded shapes to dry

7.) When dry, slip a ribbon or string through the hole to hang on your tree (or other locations)

8.) Watch for birds!  It goes fast! 

Enjoying any other crafty activities this week?  I’d love to hear about them!  Please feel free to add a favorite link in the comment section.


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Life in a City or Suburbs?

Over the last two weeks we have transitioned from our tiny apartment in New York City to our large(r) house in the suburbs of North Carolina.  I miss NYC but I’m also glad to be back in NC.  Throughout our three-month visit in NYC, I’ve thought long and hard about what I like about both places.  Here’s what I learned:

What I love about NYC:

1.) Everything in walking distance – life at your fingertips 

2.) Amazing variety of people, languages and cultures

3.) Energy and entertainment – This City TRULY does not sleep – dinosaur bones, singers in subways, Lion King, Rangers game, Yankees game, Penn Station at 1 am!

What I love about the suburbs (and our “big” house):

1.) Rooms and backyards – extra space is great with a toddler and opening the back door to go out and play is VERY convenient

2.) Open windows = clean air and quiet, nature sounds

3.) Big kitchen – I enjoy cooking in (though not cleaning) my big kitchen – Love our counters for cookies and crafts.

Do you live in a city, suburb, or something in between?  What do you like about where you live?

If you could go anywhere for 3 months (or more), where would you go?

YouTube video – a peak at NYC