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Ideas for Pre-k Homeschool Room


Here is a peek at our little pre-K, Montessori-inspired toddler room with new shelf-work ideas.  Below is link to a YouTube video showing you a view of the room.  B (31 months) was most interested in the sensorial tray that included small sea creatures and rocks laid out on blue felt (an ocean theme).  If possible, he’s become MORE interested in sensorial activities recently.

B will start back at his Montessori school on Monday and attend two days a week.  I’m interested to see how he transitions back into the classroom after being away for several months, especially considering his recent developments.  Within the last three months he has become more talkative, social and he’s now potty trained.  I hope that our “Montessori in the home” approach has the effect of supporting a smooth, productive transition and that the classroom will encourage further growth.  I always have mixed feelings about sending him off to school but I’m looking forward to a little “me” time.  I just never like being apart from him, if you know what I mean!  🙂








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2 thoughts on “Ideas for Pre-k Homeschool Room

  1. Where did you get sound for utube video?  It is super low and slow.

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