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Snack-time Montessori Style

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Snack-time is the perfect opportunity for toddler independence.  You can set up a snack area for your kids at home where they can pick out and dish up their own snacks, just like shown in the pictures and video of my toddler’s Montessori school.  This gives your child an opportunity to practice self-control and responsibility.  If they spill or make a mess, cheerfully let them know they can clean it up on their own or with your help.  They need to know it’s okay to make mistakes and exercise their “ME DO IT MYSELF” attitude.  Learning to carry food and dishes is an excellent motor skills activity.  Make sure to have cleaning supplies appropriate for your child available at all times.  We have a cleaning basket in the kitchen with a small broom, dust pan, cloths, and an apron.  They will love learning to do it themselves!



Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

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