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Toddler Letter Activities

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I am always working on letters with my toddler (almost 3 years old).  The general learning pattern so far has been 1.) identify letters and the phonetic sounds 2.) learn beginning sounds of words 3.) learn to sound out words and 4.) learn ending sounds of words.  Sounding out the ends of words is still very challenging.  Even though he is learning to sound out words, we still go back and focus on specific letters to encourage mastery.  It is very motivating for him to work on things that stretch his learning as well as things that he has mastered.  And of course, the number one learning activity for letters is READING out loud together!  We read everyday and visit the library every week.  Here are some shelf work ideas involving LETTERS.

How are you teaching letters and early reading to your little ones?

IMG_4795 IMG_4815 IMG_4816

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One thought on “Toddler Letter Activities

  1. I focus on initial sound, medial and ending. If your child is struggling with ending sounds…move to working in rhymes. Thereafter focus on the sounds a, s, c, t, m. Your child just needs to know this set to begin to read: cat, sat, mat, Sam, Tam, Cam. ☺️

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