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Interesting Articles on Parenting


Are you a free-range or helicopter parent?  How do you create a play space for your neighborhood?

I read two interesting articles on parenting this week.

1.) The first one, “What does it mean to be a good parent?“, addresses the issue of providing opportunities for your child’s independence without alerting the authorities.  Seriously – it happens.  What are the benefits of providing independence, such as walking to school alone?  Are our ideas of danger over-exaggerated?  Is it right to judge other parents and their parenting styles?  When is it okay to intervene?

I was also very interested in the shorter article joined with it entitled “How to create play spaces.”  This talks about creating a safe, playful community with play spaces – not just playgrounds – in your backyard.  Very cool examples and video!

2.) The second article, “The Overbooked Generation“, questions whether families are overburdened with extracurricular activities.  I can answer that.  Yes, we are.  But is that okay?  What are the benefits and the alternatives?  Is your (meaning your kids’) schedule out of control?  Is that how you like it?

Read any other good articles this week that you want to share?


Author: Adrienne

Attorney and Professional labor and postpartum doula.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Articles on Parenting

  1. I think helicopter parents are as mythical as the hipster both being labels to sort people’s perceived lifestyles, typically because we don’t like or can’t understand them (not that I think you mean it that way, but the term itself is usually used with derision)

    That said, middle and upper class kids ARE usually over scheduled. Is it a bad thing? The article tackles the belief in a need to not be left behind, to program a child for “success.” Success is a rather subjective thing.
    I think of it in terms of cognitive development. It is in free play and down time that children make mental connections + build their schemas. It is in strong relationships with adults that self efficacy is built. This requires time. High expectations are good, but only if they are realistic. Following interests is amazing, but care needs to be taken to be sure we aren’t projecting what we want.
    hmmmm. this is like a blog post worth of a comment.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad to hear your ideas on the subject!

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