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Baby B is almost 7 1/2 months.  I recently noticed huge changes.  His eyes look a little darker.  His hair is coming in more.  And is sits up really well.  I’ve put alway almost all the 9 month old clothes.  Generally, the 12 month clothes fit better, especially now that it’s cold out.  Not sure what to do about gloves or mittens this winter.  Hmm.  I also noticed that he swallows better.  Not as much comes out.  The new teething cookies, however, create an awesome mess.  Things that we still need to work on: reading more books and practicing sign language.  I also need to have him try more foods.  He was not eating squash, but mixing it with plum was a hit.  He also tried brown rice cereal, oatmeal and tofu.  My favorite new adventure is the army crawl.  He can get pretty far.  One moment he’s across the room, the next minute I feel him sucking my toe!  So cute.  🙂