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Easy Pumpkin Craft

Calling all crafty parents!  What is your favorite pumpkin craft?  I’m so curious to see what other people do with their pumpkins (assume you buy one for fall).  Carve it?  Paint it?  Decorate it?  Roast seeds?  Eat it?

B enjoyed picking out his own pumpkin, carrying it home (in the stroller), and decorating it.  First he painted it and then he cut paper shapes and glued them on.  B assured me that what you see below is the pumpkin’s face.  He can describe exactly where the mouth and eyes are, although you might not see it.  Then he added some frizzy “hair.”  Daddy mistook the hair for leaves but B confirmed that it was the pumpkin’s hair – NOT leaves.

Do you have a favorite fall craft for the kids?

Here is a link to the YouTube video of our pumpkin craft:  Pumpkin painting.  SUPER EASY!


IMG_3997 IMG_3995 IMG_3998 IMG_4005



Classic Fall Favorites

Baby B reading








Baby Bear reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle!

What do you like best about fall?  The colors, the crisp, the change?  It’s a time to get creative.  The cool air brings on creativity.  And cravings for pumpkin spice lattes.  I don’t get it but I go with it!  Here are some of my fall favorites.  What are yours?  Do you get in the mood to cook or decorate a fall wreath?  Maybe you have the urge to read a new book or try running in a 5k race.  I’m curious how fall or the change of seasons affects people.  Although I get pretty excited about fall, in the back of my mind is the lurking, shadow of an idea that WINTER is coming.  And I don’t like winter.  Well, I get tired of it after two weeks.  But I love fall none the less.  I remember when I was young, summer and winter (really Christmas time) were my favorite seasons.  My mother preferred spring and fall.  Now I get it!  We’ll combat winter blues later, let’s enjoy the FALL!


Veggie chili in the crock pot and healthy too!

Betty Crocker apple crisp because it’s the easiest version I’ve found!


Check out this blog all about wreaths!


I’m making this button snake from Money Saving Mom for a busy bag swap next week!  Here’s another example from Activity Mom!

Also, love these free printables from Making Learning Fun about The Very Hungry Caterpillar – one by Baby B’s favorite books!  In the picture above, he’s ogling the food.  We like to count the food and find the caterpillar on each page.  During snack, we put Cheerios on the caterpillar printout and count out loud.