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Dehydrating Queen

My “homemade” project this week is figuring out my dehydrator. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I borrowed one from my in-laws a few months ago but since then it has just been sitting there staring at me. ¬†You see I hate to read manuals and this contraption appeared to require manual-reading. ¬†I decided to pick a pumping session and flip through the manual. ¬†No pressure. ¬†Maybe I could figure it out through the pictures. ¬†It’s pretty easy. ¬†You basically plug it in and pick a temperature. ¬†Fruit dries at about 130¬†– 140 degrees according to my manual. ¬†When I got the dehydrator cleaned and ready to go, I started having fun. ¬†Luckily, I did read that I could not submerge the base in water. ¬†So no electric shocks. ¬†Good thing. ¬†I first did a round of apples, bananas and¬†cantaloupe slices.¬† They turned out great! ¬†The dehydrator is pretty loud and it takes most of the day so you should plan accordingly. ¬†Just think, dried fruit or veggies without extra sugar or chemicals! ¬†I also tried dried oranges¬†for some sweet-smelling decorations. ¬†Can’t wait to try some fruit leather! ¬†Who needs fruit roll-ups?!