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Strawberry Picking at Hall Family Farm!

Today I met a few moms for strawberry picking!  Hall Family Farm ( is a great place to take kids.  There were several different play areas for various ages.  There was a shaded, penned in area with toys, a water table, a small maze, and lots of tricycles.  You could enjoy chickens, a tractor ride and funnel cake.  The strawberry patches were a short walk away and there were lots of patches to pick with lots of room for everyone to roam.  Baby B took a little while to figure out what we were doing.  Ounce he figured out that he could pick a strawberry and eat it before I could stop him (or cared to stop him) things got messy.  And I got messy too!  Baby B loved squeezing the strawberries and ring out the juice.  He slurped drips as they ran down his hands and arms.  Pure bliss.  He smiled at me and showed off each new strawberry that he found.  I tried to point to the bucket and explain that we were collecting them but that seemed ridiculous even to me.  I finally resolved to fill our bucket as fast as I could or at least faster than Baby B could scarf down an entire row.  It was a blast!  I made up for eating strawberries by buying a strawberry smoothie and some honey.

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