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7 Months!

He’s keenly aware of his brother every move.  He scoots across the room as soon as you turn your back.  He thinks he can walk (he can’t) and insists on standing up (one second).  He pulls himself up on things and then topples over.  He has two bottom teeth, which he likes to grind into my shoulder.  He is DONE with baby toys – only big brother’s toys will do.  He either screams or sleeps in the car, there’s no in-between.  He sucks his thumb when he’s tired (pretty cute).  He’s tried mashed bananas and avocados so far and although he doesn’t appear to get any of it into his mouth (it’s straight into the bath after a feeding) his poops smell like, well, poop.  He’s SEVEN MONTHS!


My favorite things to do with my seven-month old:

Put him in my wrap and go for walks or go to the beach or pool.  (I have a regular wrap and a water wrap).

Roll a ball to him (he’s always amazed when it reaches him).

Try and read a book to him (before he eats it).

Watch him cover himself with mashed bananas (somehow cuter than mashed avocados).

Baby exercises!  (He sits on my stomach or around me for leg lifts, sit-ups, stretches, and squats.)

Introduce new things (primary colors, shapes, textures) in a small wooden tray Montessori-style.  (He usually tries to eat the tray.)

Let him check himself out in the mirror (he’s in love with his reflection – the brother he wishes really he had).

Swing in the baby swings at the playground (or with Daddy on the big swing).

Play peek-a-boo!  (Usually during diaper changes using a small blanket – otherwise he scoots away before we’re done).

Tickle-fest!  (He has the funniest laugh!)

Songs with musical instruments (usually something we can bang – BAM-BAM)!

Chase the cat, dog, or big brother (and grab fistfuls of hair)!

Bite Papa’s toes (the baby does that – not me – but it makes me laugh)!

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Mommy Moments

Baby B is almost 7 1/2 months.  I recently noticed huge changes.  His eyes look a little darker.  His hair is coming in more.  And is sits up really well.  I’ve put alway almost all the 9 month old clothes.  Generally, the 12 month clothes fit better, especially now that it’s cold out.  Not sure what to do about gloves or mittens this winter.  Hmm.  I also noticed that he swallows better.  Not as much comes out.  The new teething cookies, however, create an awesome mess.  Things that we still need to work on: reading more books and practicing sign language.  I also need to have him try more foods.  He was not eating squash, but mixing it with plum was a hit.  He also tried brown rice cereal, oatmeal and tofu.  My favorite new adventure is the army crawl.  He can get pretty far.  One moment he’s across the room, the next minute I feel him sucking my toe!  So cute.  🙂

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TV for Mommy

I came to the realization today that I had not watched TV since my baby was born 5 months ago.  Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?  I guess I wasn’t a huge TV fan before and I get upset whenever the TV is on for too long, but I’m sort of worried.  I’m concerned that I will become so out of touch with pop culture that I won’t be able to communicate appropriately with other people.  Next thing I know, I’ll be speaking baby-talk to my clients and co-workers!  Am I having the right amount of me time without TV?  Well, I did manage this blog post.  I’m sitting in the rocker listening to Daddy and Baby engage in a giggle session.  Who needs TV when you can listen to that?

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My 4 Month Old Baby

I can’t believe my baby boy is 4 months old!  I love watching him grow.  I’m sure I’ve done everything wrong as a new mommy, but I’m also sure he’ll get over it (in time or with therapy ;0).  He loves to smile, giggle, coo and scream.  He loves being naked!  His mood can change faster than the weather.  He can switch from laughing to crying and back to giggles before I can grab the pacifier.  I love watching him find me in the mirror.  His newest thing is putting his toes in his mouth like a little monkey.  He has also started enjoying “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, although I can’t sing to save my life.  (Have you seen the YouTube video?  He’s trying very hard to put things (everything) in his mouth, but he’s only successful about 25% of the time.

I’ve decided to start a baby moments book.  I’ll keep it in the baby’s room and jot down all his special moments.  The time he pooped on me, the time he threw up out his nose, you know, those precious moments.  Hopefully these mommy hormones will subside at some point and I’ll actually be able to read the stories without crying!  Such sweetness!

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