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Resolution TRICKS for 2015

I have to admit that I love New Year’s.  I prefer it over Christmas.  I never thought much of it until I realized that my husband doesn’t like New Year’s or at least he doesn’t think much about it.  I agree that it seems counterintuitive to take the first day of the year off.  Shouldn’t we be trying to get ahead on the first day?

I don’t like New Year’s for the parties.  In fact, I don’t drink or attend parties.  What I like about New Year’s is the opportunity to start new projects and LISTS.  Still, there are always those resolutions that get dropped before Valentine’s Day.

THIS year I have a few NEW TRICKS to keep (hopefully) my resolutions going for the full 365 days of 2015.

1.) I use a DAILIES sheet.  I was inspired by Gretchen Rubin‘s books “The Happiness Project” and “Happier at Home” to create a daily check off list for the things I want to work on everyday.  For example, read to my toddler for 30 minutes, walk 10,000 steps, sleep at least 7 hours, etc.

2.) I wrote a list of AFFIRMATIONS based on my goals.  Writing down affirmations was recommended by several people and I have been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness.  For example, by writing down “I am happily married” or “My child is creative and fun” (things I know to be true) I am reminded that they ARE true and I appreciate them more.

3.) I have MODELS OF INSPIRATION.  I have a couple of authors (it could be anyone) that I resort to when I need inspiration to continue my resolutions.  When I’m feeling tired and unmotivated, I re-read portions of their books or glance around their websites for new activity.  I especially love Gretchen Rubin’s Youtube videos.  We may not have everything or even very much in common but just enough that I feel inspired by their hard-work and determination.

Happy New Year!

What will keep you motivated this year?  What are your 2015 RESOLUTIONS?


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Resolve Resolutions

Happy New Year!  I LOVE New Year’s!  Well, I love crafting New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t know why I get such a kick out of resolutions!  Resolutions to me are fascinating and powerful.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished if you work at it everyday.  Consistency is the key and also the biggest challenge.  I love slow and steady change so making yearly resolutions is right up my alley.  For the other half of the population, resolutions may not be your thing.  It’s not how you are motivated.  Before you give up too quickly or decide not even to try thinking of a resolution, check out one of my favorite author’s suggestions about keeping resolutions.  Gretchen Rubin wrote The Happiness Project and Happier at Home.  She is basically the closest thing to an expert on keeping resolutions!  Her conclusion – you can be happier through small changes in your life!  Check out two of her vlogs about New Year’s resolutions for inspiration on creating and keeping your resolutions this year: 1.) Hold Yourself Accountable and 2.) Preparation is Essential.

A few of my resolutions for 2014 are 1.) not to lose patience or raise my voice at my dogs (ever since B was born they drive me nuts), 2.) read three books a month (1 for book club, 1 for church, and 1 for work), 3.) dress for success (my nemesis – I’m completely void of style), 4.) post gratitude stickies in the bathroom and around the house, 5.) read a Bible verse to B everyday, and 6.) kiss and hug my spouse everyday (it’s surprising how many days I miss).  My plan for keeping my resolutions this year is to write them down and keeping on my computer, check them daily, and put reminders on my calendar to check my progress.  I live by my calendar so reminders will be helpful.  What are your resolutions for 2014?  How do you plan to keep them?

The best of 2013!

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Due to my perfectionist nature, New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I haven’t screwed anything up yet in 2013!  I know – I’m crazy.  Actually, I used to find New Year’s Day very depressing.  I think most people find the post-holiday season to be a drag.  It’s dark and cold outside.  You’ve probably gained 10 pounds from the holidays.  Your skin is dry and itchy.  You’d rather be on a beach but instead you’re going back to work.  Your favorite football team probably isn’t going to the Superbowl.  And, to top it off, you still have to take down the Christmas tree and all those holiday decorations.  The sight of Christmas decorations after Christmas drives me crazy!

So why do I love New Year’s?  Resolutions!  What woman doesn’t like a reason to make a list?!  I also like thinking up tricks to make them stick.  One of my resolutions is to get back in shape and loose those pesky mommy pounds.  My goal is to compete in a sprint triathlon in the spring.  The trick to make the resolution stick is signing up for the race.  Having the race on the calendar motivates me to work out.  Another one of my resolutions is to read more books.  So I set a goal of reading 20 books on Goodreads (  I still have a few resolutions that I’m not sure how to implement, but I’m working on it.  I want to get up early and have one hour of quiet time before Baby wakes up.  I want to be more passionate about work and I want to make healthy meals for my family everyday.  I may as well throw in world peace while I’m at it.  Good grief!  But that’s the point, isn’t it?  Anything is possible when you wipe the slate clean and start fresh in a new year.  What are your resolutions?