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Montessori Resources / Inspiration

I always need inspiration from other Montessori moms about what to put on our shelf.  I was therefore very excited to see Living Montessori Now make a post yesterday dedicated specifically to Montessori Toddler Resources.  Perfect!  She also does a link-up every Monday so you may want to join in.  What are some of your favorite Montessori (or other) resources (aka mommy blogs)?  Where do you go for inspiration and new shelf ideas?

Here are some other great inspirations (Montessori-inspired and others)…

Mary’s Montessori School


The Pinterested Parent

Happy Holligans 

A Homeschool Mom

Cooking with Toddlers

YouTube is also a great resource for ideas.  I often put up videos of our Montessori-inspired play/work room online.



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Crafty Moms – Nursery Ideas

I’m always amazed when I hear about what other moms are up to!  There are some seriously crafty, creative women out there.  They are hard at work maintaining the “fort”!  I always think of them as pioneers – navigating new landscapes and settling new territories.  Building homes…

Check out this mom’s remodeling work for her kids’ room and nursery.  I love the colors and the hardwood flooring!  Beautiful!

Have you remodeled or redecorated your kids’ rooms?  What about the nursery?

Kids Rooms @ Stupendous Strouts

Ella's room 2

Owen's original room 2